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  • The company is a professional manufacturer of class
    I and II pressure vessels and chemical equipment designated
    by the State Bureau of quality and technical supervision

    HOTLINE 18018396999
    Company Profile
    Casting Excellent Quality

    The company's products are mainly used in the mechanical processing industry enterprises increased technical investment, existing technical designers 19 people,The design adopts SW6-98 calculation software, standardization and standard of design and drawing. Enhance the Stamina and activities,

    ?   In 2012, it obtained the manufacturing license of class I and class II pressure vessels issued by the State Administration of quality supervision and inspection.
    ?   In 2010, it was recognized as "Wuxi high tech enterprise" by Wuxi science and Technology Bureau and awarded a certificate.
    ?   In 2009, it obtained the 2000 quality system certification issued by China Classification Society.
    Product Development
    In recent years, our company has adjusted its industrial structure, vigorously developed evaporation and condensation crystallization, drying and production equipment, and applied new technologies and materials to drum type condensation crystallization (cutting) machine and drum type steam heating drying (cutting) machine. Provide the perfect solution for the user's material lamination to ensure that the equipment can meet the customer's use requirements in various working conditions. Welcome to contact us for investigation.
    Shuangsheng Strength
    WUXI SHUANGSHENG PETROCHEMICAL EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD.Registered capital of 28 million yuan, the company covers an area of 30000 ㎡, plant area of 16000 ㎡, the office building 3000 ㎡, the company is located in wuxi binhu district hudai industrial park, adjacent to shanghai-nanjing high-speed, xiyi highway, the traffic is very convenient.
    Casting Excellent Quality, Pursuing Continuous Innovation
    "Science and technology is the first productivity" enterprises increased technical input, existing technical designers 19 people, design using SW6-98 computing software, design, drawing standardization, standardization. Our factory is committed to the development of science and technology, based on the development of new products, create enterprise fist products, brand-name products. In 2010, it was recognized as "Wuxi high tech enterprise" by Wuxi science and Technology Bureau and awarded the certificate.
    Integrity And Pragmatism
    We always regard improving product quality as the foothold and lifeline of enterprise development to ensure the effective operation of pressure vessel quality assurance system
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    Every product example is a testament to progress
    On the basis of accumulating a lot of experience, we are willing to provide updated equipment that adopts better materials and processes and conforms to national and industrial standards in all aspects, with specifications and performance meeting the user's requirements.
    Our company always adheres to the policy of "market-oriented, technology-based, casting excellent quality, customer satisfaction as the purpose, employees as the fundamental, and the pursuit of continuous innovation".
    Innovation And Self Transcendence
    At the same time, we try our best to meet all kinds of needs of users, but also provide personalized services for users, and make users' ideal and pursuit become reality.
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